Christmas Party Catering

Christmas is meant to be the happiest time of the year. but when it comes to planing your celebrations, christmas can quickly become the most stressful time of the yearWhen it comes to getting presents and organising meals for office Christmas parties or lunch for Christmas day. Especially if you’re the one who ends up having to do most of the planning. South Terrace Snack Bar & Catering would love to help make this time of year. A Christmas to remember for all the good memories, not for all the stress of food preparation and planning.
Choose South Terrace Catering Adelaide to provide the catering for your Christmas party.
christmas catering
The team at South Terrace Catering Adelaide are experts at their craft and love food. Servicing South Australian events all year round with our exceptional Adelaide Catering Service. We can cater for any size event, even as little as 3 people. Our team is based in Wingfield and can service all over Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs. We are always mindful of dietary requirements. We can cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten or dairy-free. We always provide plenty of options to ensure there is something delicious for everyone to enjoy
We have a wide range of catering options available. From platters with fruit, snacks or cakes for a more casual gathering. To a more formal sit-down event with a 3 course buffet. Our catering service is flexible to suit the needs and requirements of your individual event. We can also help set up the event including setting up/decorating tables and pack down.