Grazing Platter catering

Grazing platters and grazing tables are an affordable and visually stunning way to cater for your guests of any sized event. Platters are perfect to cater for a smaller number of people where as our separated grazing tables are great for larger events. Grazing tables & platters are a unique way to cater for guests at your next corporate event or function. While a grazing platter or table is technically a buffet, a grazing platter is more designed to pickup a nibble from here and there instead of guests filling up a plate of food which normally end up being wasted. Grazing platters are a guaranteed way to impress your guests and also act as a great way to decorate the party!

South Terrace Catering Takes great pride in the exceptional quality of our catering service and the stunning design of our grazing platter. Our grazing tables for larger events are generally separated into different food groups. Sweet, Fruits, Savory and Meats. Grazing platters are perfect for any part, event or function, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Even the fussy eaters will find something they fall in love with at your grazing table

Grazing boards are a great way to provide exceptional food at a casual summer event. We only use high quality ingredients when assembling our grazing boards and ensure our boards are full of good tasting food. Not to mention how visually amazing these grazing tables look, great for social media to show how amazing your event was!

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